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Milton Senior Living was founded by Cindy Moffit, a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a passion for helping others.

Care & Services

Milton Senior Living provides outstanding care and services for your loved one in a comfortable, home-like setting.

The Milton Difference

Our dedicated staff offer the assistance needed while respecting your loved ones views and independence.

Quality senior living is one of the nation’s most urgently needed services. With so many large, hotel-like facilities boasting about the differences they make for families and their loved ones, in reality, very few differences exist. Very few differences exist because they all use very similar financial models. They all have similar staffing ratios. And they all have similar fee structures, where multiple service “levels” add dramatically to baseline monthly costs. These are necessities because high overhead incurred to operate these facilities impacts everything.

Cindy Moffit, BSW, RN (Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Registered Nurse) has deep experience owning and operating specialized senior living centers where quality interaction, staffing ratios which place residents and their families as top priorities and unpleasant, last-minute monthly fee surprises significantly in excess of “base” fees do not exist.

Enter Milton Senior Living, which Cindy founded in 2016. Here, volume isn’t the factor upon which everything hinges. With warm, friendly accommodations for 9 full time residents and reserved accommodations for day care participants, Milton Senior Living provides a truly home-like environment. Nutritious meals are prepared in a clean, cozy kitchen, and served in a dining area where residents and their families can talk, share stories and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, education, support and entertainment that encourage the social interaction seniors so require are at the forefront of Milton Senior Living’s daily operation.

Here, our residents and their families are respected. They are empowered to make important decisions that impact the quality of their lives. And professional, compassionate care is always there for residents who need special assistance as part of their daily living routines.

Milton Senior Living is truly making differences for area seniors, their families and the quality of their lives. We specialize in care for seniors over 60 whose safety, medical needs and daily living activities require full-time assistance and attention.

At Milton Senior Living, making the special differences our residents and families cherish is our mission:

  • We celebrate seniors every day in a warm, friendly and home-like atmosphere of respect, love and service.
  • We recognize each client is unique, has unique needs and whose life experiences are valued.
  • We believe family involvement is a critical factor in our quality approach to the senior living experience… we partner with our families and form special teams around each resident.
  • We believe in owner involvement and owner supervision.
  • We are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and to the friendships we form within them.
  • We recognize the levels of the services we provide, our beliefs, our professionalism and our attitudes enable the differences we strive to make every day.

Cindy M. Moffit, BSW, RN
President and Executive Director

To explore how Milton Senior Living can make positive differences for you and your loved ones, contact us at: (770) 663-0165

We are here for you

The Milton Senior Living experience – and difference – is predicated on owners, caregivers, families and residents interacting constantly. From deep experience in the senior living sector, we recognize that type of interaction is imperative to eliminating as much anxiety as possible for our families and their loved ones. Our professional staff is available to assist with almost any need and situation. We provide the resources, experience and individual attention to help make aging-related decisions easier.

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The Milton Difference

We realize how busy your life is raising your family, caring for an aging mother or father and balancing your career. Providing care for a loved one can become highly stressful, whether your loved one lives down the street or thousands of miles away. Care giving can take its toll and change family dynamics. We work closely with the care givers to eliminate as much anxiety as possible.

Areas of expertise

Milton Senior Living offers senior day care, respite care, personal care services including oversight, medication monitoring, daily therapeutic activities, nutritious, high quality meals, transition coaching and a compendium of additional activities. Our nurses are available for on site visits 24hrs/7days a week.




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